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A dance theater piece, combines video and sound installation.

Co-production of three makers from three different countries;

Tereza Hradilkove (CZ), Klara Alexova (NL/CZ) & Einat Ganz (IS)

Premiered in Tanec Praha Festival, Ponec Theater, Prague 2016.

Duration: 60 minutes


Three women take off to a journey through different landscapes, appreciating the overviews and horizons, but also zooming into its detailed wavy curves, contours and hollow spots.

On their way they invite other women to question the essence of their own inner landscapes.


Inspired by documentary art, the artists chose to meet and interview women who differ in age, culture, profession, background and marital status. The questions were the same, the answers varied.

The differences between the women was a starting point and an existing fact, but the launch points, similarities, and moments of connection, were a surprising source of inspiration and empathy.

This piece is a synthesis of a collage consisting of experiences and impressions from a journey following female identity.


Supported by: 

Czech Ministry of Culture, Prague Municipality, Truhalarna Studio, Be SpectActive residency program, The Pais Council for Culture & Art and the Czech Center in Tel Aviv.


Created and performed by:

Klára Alexová (CZ/NL), Einat Ganz (IL), Tereza Hradilková (CZ)

Music composition and Scenography: Yehudit Mizrahi (IL/NL)

Dramaturgy: Marie Gourdain (FR/CZ)

Video: Marko Bogdanovič (CZ/RS)

Light design: Patrik Sedlák/ Ofer Laufer

Styling: Hana Poislová

Final outside eye: Ko van den Bosch (NL)

Production: Veronika Hladká

Producer: Tanec Praha z.ú., Jakub Hradilek

Thanks: Fons van Tienen, Iris Nais

Spacial thanks:

To all the women we met on our journey and shared their stories with us.

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