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Lashevet Lakum

Site specific performances

For the past eight years, the ensemble has been holding site specific shows in public spaces throughout Israel; In front of invited or casual audiences and in changing landscapes of natural or urban environments. The performances are real time improvised events. Each event is a unique ‘one-off’ experience. The events are taking a form of gathering / ceremony / social event whose boundaries and internal laws are fluid and yet hold a uniform language and an organized sense. Each event explores and emphasizes the relationship between the chosen location / site and the performative action, as it unfolds.

ניבה 2.jpg

Photography: Niva Ben Ami


Photography: David Dekel

The ensemble consists of seven members; Musician, Igor Khotinsky and six multi-disciplinary movement artists: Iris Nais, Noa Dar, Avraham Hazin, Noam Ben Israel, Gilboa Egger and Einat Ganz.

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*The beautiful photos presented in our gallery are taken by the great/ talented Niva Ben-ami (incl. The cover photo), David Dekel, Aharon Kritzer, Roee Teper, Sigalit Cohen Salomon

Lashevet Lakum | Site specific performances
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Photography: Roee Teper

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