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elapsed loop and a madman

A dance theater trio integrated with  a sound installation.

Premiered at Dance Arena Festival, Hazira Performance Art, Jerusalem 2010.

Duration: 30 minutes


A love triangle between three figures as an allegory to reality, in which there is an object of desire, a will to achieve it and a driving motivation – ideology.


As part of their costumes the performers wear 2 loudspeakers (1 on each male performer) and a microphone (on the female). The sound system reacts to the location of the dancers in relation to each other and by that, adding a communicational layer on top of the motional work. The sound is produced and carried by the performers and also pushes them forward to move.


The performers are expressed through and driven by the system, for example: the voice of one performer comes out of another, in a different part of the space and thereby loses the connection to its origin. Another example: a close encounter amongst a microphone and a loudspeaker (a man and a woman), creates a feedback sound.

These effects design the images, in which the characters are like pawns on a board; they become displays of a concept rather then "storytellers".

The movement language, together with the use of the sound system, forms metaphors, that aim to communicate with the violence existed in the Israeli daily reality.

The images refer to westerns, where the main protagonists are represented by their weapons as a sort of a technological extension, carried on the body.

Concept: Einat Ganz & Ben Buchenbacher

Choreography: Einat Ganz

Sound: Ben Buchenbacher

Performers: Igal Furman, Naama schendar/Efrat Levy & Ofer Amram

Costumes: Inbal Lieblich

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