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This solo piece deals with the struggle and inability to accept one's own coming death and the release of the living body.

Premiered in 'Between Heaven and Earth' Festival, The Gerard Bachar Center, Jerusalem, 2013.

Duration: 20 minutes


In Einat's words:

I am fascinated by the ridiculous, pitiful, touching way, in which one would 'postpone' death, alongside the beauty in the acceptance of this fate.

My starting point was the process of nursing and parting from my mother, who died of cancer. One day, out of her misty consciousness, she said to me: "There's a presence of pleasure, a pleasure that no one feels. Put on something sacred. I can't put any sacred thing; I have my arms and legs".

The use of the word 'pleasure' struck me, it warmed my heart and comforted me to hear her communicating anything other than the fear and distress. It connected me to a different aspect of reality.

Created & Performed by: Einat Ganz

Scenography: Rotem Blum

Music: Yair Yona

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