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all we ever wanted

A dance duet combined with a sound installation.

The piece was pre-premiered as part of 'Days of Jerusalem' at 'Tanec Praha' Festival, Czech Republic, 2014.

Duration: 25 minutes

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"…Here we will create a life of happiness, a life of freedom" - that is the dream, sang about in a famous Zionist pioneer's work song. “…To be a free nation in our land” declares the anthem of the state of Israel. What is between these visions to the reality we live in today?


On the stage, a man and a woman try to maintain an ongoing journey; they push each other, stimulate movement, constitute a base and support to each other, but in fact their dependence on one another limits them, and they prevent progress by restricting each other. Slowly they become slaves to their internal need to keep this non-constructive relationship.

This couple uses as allegory to relationships between different sectors of society these days.


The soundtrack refers to Afro American slavery chants, while the lyrics sang by the performer is taken from the Zionist pioneer's song quoted above.

The maker aims to confront the dream sang about in the song, with the life of the generations to follow.


Choreography: Einat Ganz

Live Soundtrack: Ben Buchenbacher

Performers: Matan Daskal, ּBen Buchenbacher/Yuval Goldstein, Shani Tamari/Einat Ganz

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